Thursday, May 29, 2008

A New Home for Glitter Goods

I just wanted to let all of my faithful blogger friends (three of you?) know that Glitter Goods will now be an offspring of my new site, Birds and Branches.  I hadn't blogged in months, I had nothing glittery to say.  Glitter Goods was born during the holiday season when I was making vintage inspired Christmas ornaments.  Needless to say my crafty endeavors have lead me down several different paths and (gasp) I hadn't used glitter in any of them.

What is Birds and Branches?  I don't really know.  I am totally enamored with anything bird and anything vintage, as always.  I think it started when I fell in love with some Amy Butler fabric that I found at Crafty Planet.  Just about the time that I started incorporating feathers, nests and eggs into my artwork, a new little tweeter came to make his home in the lilac bushes just along our driveway.  His song was like nothing I had ever heard before - a mixture of notes, highs and lows, sometimes piercing, sometimes quite irritating.  After some research, we found out that it was a cat bird.  A cat bird mimics the sound of other birds.  The other day I heard him copying the sound of our squeaky garage door.

So, my conclusion is...Birds and Branches was meant to be.

I will most likely leave Glitter Goods up for a while.  I can't bring myself to delete it entirely.  And what about those yummy recipes that I never wrote down.