Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Before and After

My mom turned 80 this past April and as part of the celebration we (her five kids) re-enacted her life in a play.  There were 8 scenes beginning with her birth...and the birth of her twin sister. Initially they were named Edith and Ethel (ugh!), but luckily their names were changed to June and Joan at the eleventh hour.  She grew up, entered the convent (?), studied to be a nun, decided it wasn't for her and moved on to marry my dad and have five kids.

Kristi, Margaret, Katherine, Carole, Matthew

So, here we are.  This is the before.  My grandfather always lined us up like this at every family holiday or event and took our picture.  As part of the play we re-created this picture for my mom, outfits and all.  Now I am not willing to do the exact math, but I think there are 40+ years between these two scenes.

My mom had written a christmas letter with short little poems for each one of us in 1969.  We each took turns reciting what she had written as we walked on stage in our outfits.  She was thrilled and it was so much fun!  Thanks Muggsy for all your hard work!

Here is mine:

Little Carole, small of size
Great big voice and great big eyes
Legs are growing all the while
Our little Twiggy is right in style


Tanya said...

Okay Carole, you and Robbie are TWINS

Jennifer said...

love your blog love this pic old and new!!!! so clever.